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I am tired of waiting on my mp3players4free and pvps4free to get referrals.

Sign up under both of these jants and I'll PayPal you $15 dollars.

MP3 -

I wont send the money until your offers complete though.
For one of them do blockbuster, its amazingly easy to cancel, you just click a link under your account information that you set up.

Do AOL Free trial for the other. You have to call them to cancel, I cancelled my trial yesterday, they offered me another free month on top of the 45 days, but I declined. So, if you want AOL for free for 45 days + 1 month.. go for it.

Post your interest here and I'll be watching for you to pop up on the account info. I'll only need 5 people to do both, and 5 need to do PVP only. I will be posting this on the forums as well, so it will almost be a race to see who can get these offers and stuff completed first. I'll try to keep a very up to date count on Pending referrals and Completed referrals for you. Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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