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17" Rims---question for the rim gurus

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Just wanted to double check before i give my word to a potential rim seller. Although I'm still debating.

The rim specs are:

17 X 7 5-lug Universal bolt pattern
Fits 5 X 100 and 5 X 114.3
Offset is 48.

I should be OK without any rubbing right? I remember reading before somewhere that it should be alright, but i just wanna make sure since this is for a G2 Sedan that hasn't been lowered and that has stock suspension.

Many Thanks!

This is what they look like:

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i am sure that they would fit well...i dont know but just wanted to comment on the rims...they are sweet
The specs will definitly fit without problems.
Also measure the center hole's diameter, make sure it's bigger than 70mm. This is a spec that is often overlooked, our Legends have extremely large hub bore. Although most aftermarket rims manufactures makes large center holes to acommandate all cars, but there are some manufactures that actually makes smaller center holes than our legend. If that's the case, the rims will not fit.
Thanks StratoKnight, WhiteLegend

Appreciate the quick response guys!

Thanks Stratoknight, yeah they do look pretty nice however, i've never heard of "Forte" rims before, so i'm a little precarious.

WhiteLegend, I'll keep the 70mm issue in mind and verify it. I'm sure i would have overlooked it. Thanks!
Hope the incident with your tint gets resolved amicably. Good Luck! :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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