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Well, that is a wide open question, but let me try. There is 18x7,18x7.5,18x8, and I think 18x8.5 Hell maybe even 18x9. I have 18x7.5 with a +45 offset (very important when purchasing rims) Now, if you go with a wider rim such as 18x8 or higher I recommend you look into purchasing a rim with a higher offset like +48. Have you seen cars with the rims sticking out from under the fender? Well, that is due to improper offset.

Here is my 2 cents:

18x7 +42
18x7.5 +45
18x8 +48

Not sure what thr RS2's specs are.

Lets see what the other members have to say. ;)

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how about for 19's? oh and i heard that from a forum that 19's rubs, is that true? if so then if you were to speed and hit something lot a pot hole, would it not smash against that rubbing part and might later cause damage to your car?

19's are for the big boyz... w/ 19's you can go 19X8 w/ a high offset of like +50 and up... the tires would be 235/35/19 I beleive... Yes you can rub w/ 19's but with proper offset you will be fine..

Yes larger wheels can have an effect on your car if they hit the fender or wheelwell...(If your car is slammed)
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