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1988 Acura legend airflow tube 17224PL2010

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The tube is beginning to crack near the clamp.

Does anyone know where I can get a replacement part? Google didn't turn up any hits.

Or, a suggestion on how to repair the cracking upper part of the tube?


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The 2.7 should be easier to find than the 2.5. There are detail differences between them, but I would take what you can get. They tear either from age or as a result of them being difficult to get on correctly when they harden. Keep your eye on the salvage yards. may be able to help. They are the last resource for new old stock I know. There are probably a couple of ways to patch it with a black silicone gasket stuff. I got lucky and found a good one on a salvage car.
Thanks for your response. Which 2.5 Acura are you referring to? I did see a YouTube where a mechanic used Extreme tape (stretchy adhesive) wrapped about the tear at the clamp area. I did ask my mechanic about using black silicone adhesive to repair the tube tear, but he told me that if the silicone begins to break off inside the repair, it would cause engine problems.
The KA2 had a 2.5 liter engine, then when the 2 door came out the engines were eventually increases to 2.7 liters for the KA4 and later models. (going from memory here). The adhesive should work. The part isn't very stressed in normal driving.
FYI: I repaired the air intake hose using Gorilla superglue, black silicon, and then wrapped the area tight with X-treme tape, which creates a permanent bond and is highly heat-resistant. There are such how-to videos on YouTube. It would be very handy and maybe cost-effective, if such discontinued parts could be brought back from the dead with a suitable 3D printer.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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