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1988 Acura Legend has 285k time for JDM?

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I am new and I have a original 1988 Acura Legend, all original and even the A/C is running strong; however, last year, it barely pass smoke check and
the valve lifter start making a lot of noise.
I heard the auto-rx and friction free 3000 may fix it but
I am think it is about time to have a new engine and transmission
Any good JDM in southern California the group can recommend?
and how much would it cost?
I am thinking running it until it dead (since it is about time for timing
belt /water pump which will run me $800 easy). I may as well
invest on the new engine.
Any comments?
Thanks everyone
notes: I have order friction free 3000 from ebay but not sure I should put that in since it has metal on it.
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The lifter tick doesn't hurt anything. Does the ticking go away when the engine warms up? Mine annoyed me so much that I just replaced the valves... very pricey tho, but it's a sure fire fix.
yes. it did go away but it happen more and more often, I am going to try to change the PCV valve and see what happens.

It is about time for timing belts/water pump but may be I just get a new JDM.
any one good in Southern California, I heard about engine and trans. is a total of $3000 or so. but need to know a good one who did it all the time and do quality work.

Thanks every
Don't know about the smog check, but as for the ticking, it's nothing to worry about. Unlike some engines, lifter tick isn't a death knell for the Legend engine.

Switch to a high detergent oil like Rotella T6 and it will gradually improve.

I ordered the Auto-Rx (quite expensive) according to the Forum here. I just put a can (12 oz) and let' see what happened.
I did change the PCV value (old one seems ok too, the ball is floating up and down) and still the same.
Let's see Auto-RX can do the do.

Thanks Kennon for recommend the Rotella T6, where can I get it? I check autozone and kragen, nothing over there.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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