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1988 Acura Legend, need new Air Filter Cover....Any Advice?

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Hey everyone,

So long story short I broke off 2 of the corners on the cover that covers the air filter when trying to get the screws out, so i need a new cover, although the gasket inside looks fine, maybe one of those as well and im sure i can dig up some new screws.

Been looking in the owners manual and I cant seem to find a part number and the year range that they were using that part.

Any advice on the part number, or if any one knows the year range they were using that same cover would be nice.

I want to go to the junkyard and dig one up but they dont always have the same make model and year.

or if you know a place to buy one i dont seem to see one on ebay.

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1987 thru 1990 are all the same, I know because I own 2 1988s and 2 1990s. The following link will take you to the Acura OEM parts catalogue where you should be able to find the part number and order it if not discontinued (don't hold your breath):
As pointed out, they used the same box on the 2.7. If you have a 2.5 (which you wouldn't in 1988, there are differences in the hoses, but I believe the allow box is the same. You can still find them in the yards, but getting rare.
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