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1988 Legend, Please buy it, take .Not crush it

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Have a 4 door Acura Legend with sunroof. Runs well, strong. Auto Trans. Car Needs Shocks, engine mounts and probably tune up etc. Get it register and paint, you'll have a well running car.
or be Great for parts because I haven't registered it for about 3 years. It runs well. If want it and register in another state besides Ca it would probably be ok. Sell for $300. Or make an offer? Needs paint and some upholstery but upholstery is decent. No worn out seats or tears. Been sitting in my garage for 2 years buried under boxes of stuff I'm getting rid of. Otherwise very little wrong with the body. And engine runs strong. I think it needs a new distributor but I've cleaned it several times and passes smog, on the high side but did pass. I do not want to junk it. If someone wants a running Legend, it runs. Or needs parts, all is good except the shocks, motor mounts.
I wanted to fix it up for charity but after 2 years, it is just not gonna happen. I'm partially disabled so can't really do it anymore. I have to get rid of it now. Need my garage and the mrs is tired of my garage. And I don't want to crush it if someone could use it. I'm between Murietta and Lake Elsinore, City of Wildomar. So if anyone is interested please drop me a message. These cars were great way before their time. Sunroof, cruise control, Electric windows, door locks, etc... all work. .
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I have to sell it, donate anything by end of next week. If even considering it, Please contact me Now.
I've contact charity places, wrecking yards and by Friday, its gone. I really want someone who could use it.
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