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Hi all,

inherited one of these 1989 Acura legends. AC is not working, compressor doesn’t kick on, no fan.
It definitely has no refrigerant, but on closer inspection I don’t even see a high side tap point. Usually I am used to seeing a smaller line come off the fire wall and this has a high side cap on it.

The low side is there.

I am going to upload a couple pics.
My main issue is I can’t find this part anywhere. Rock auto doesn’t seem to have anything pictures that goes from the firewall to the drier.
Anyone know what part I’m looking for and where to get it?

notice in the images out of the firewall it’s just an empty connection point, and then on the drier another empty connection point. Shouldn’t there be the high side line going between these two points? At the very least I’m certain I should be able to find a high side cap or tap point somewhere and I cannot.
Any help is great. This is one of the oldest cars I’ve worked on, and the lack of readily “youtubeable” info is shocking to me :(.



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