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1990 Acura Legend Starts fine, but won't restart after warmed up

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My 1990 Acura Legend will start up no problem even if it was sitting in the sun and drive absolutely fine for however long you'd want to go, but as soon as you turn it off it will start and immediately die. If I keep my foot partly on the gas I can keep it running, but the second I let off it dies instantly.

Things that I've noticed/done:

After the first start of the day the idle speed will be around 1100 rpms then slowly over around 10 min drop down to around 500-600 rpms and remain there until I shut off the car.

I cleaned out the hot and cold idle speed controller(didn't change anything)

All fluid levels are good no leaks

I replaced the main relay and the ignition switch with brand new ones

after the not staying on/starting takes place the voltage going to the idle speed controller goes all the way up (probably triple normal)

I personally think all it is is the device that tells the car to keep running, but I'm not sure what device that is.

I took it to a mechanic and after 3 days he had me just take the car home because he didn't know whats wrong with it

Also I checked for error codes and I think (not completely sure) I have a code 8 and 14

Thanks for reading and I'm willing to post pictures and or videos if need be thanks for your help.
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Code 8 is Top-Dead-Center Position Sensor, which is located inside the distributor. Its usually best to replace the whole distributor instead of replace the sensor inside since you need to realign the sensor.

Code 14 is Electronic Idle Control Module/EACV. You'll need to replace that with a new one. A lot of people tried cleaning it to no success. It has some coil wiring that'll go bad over time.

Once you have replaced those items, remove the Alternator Sense fuse in the engine bay fuse box for about 10-15 seconds and drive the vehicle around for awhile to make sure the code doesn't come back again.
I checked the Electronic Idle Control Module/EACV and it looks like the voltage being fed to it is off, so I think whatever is sending the voltage is messed up and not the Electronic Idle Control Module/EACV itself. Do you know what part that would be?

also I read that a bad Electronic Idle Control Module/EACV would cause the engine to die sometimes while running and my engine will never die while running it only has the issue of not wanting to stay on after driving it then trying to restart it.
I believe it goes straight to the ECU. Grab a voltmeter and set it to ohm's. Check resistance on the EACV. It should be between 8-15Ω.
Unfortunately I don;t have a multimeter Do you think if it were the ecu that it would only mess up on restart after warmed up?
Okay now it has rained and my car is just clicking when I turn the key and not even turning over what do I do?
Sounds like a weak battery. Looks like you're going to need to jump it. What do you have, Coupe or Sedan?
Make sure your battery post have clean metal and make sure your passenger floor isn't wet. the ECU is located under the passenger seat.
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