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1990 Acura Weird ticking sound

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I drive a 1990 Acura Legend V6L. This ticking usually occurs after my car has been sitting for a few hours. A weird ticking sound comes from the driver side. It sounds like it is by the tire and I can feel the vibration on the brake. It usually occurs when I take off, but sometimes it happens continually when I take off and come to a stop. Please help! It doesn't affect anything but it gets annoying.
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Re: thats a normal **** for legends

abe805 said:
thats ur abs pull the fuse from the engine and the noise will go away mostly 60%og 1gnd legends have that problem i have it too but no big deal
I would suggest not pulling the fuse, and living with the noise. It has no affect, really.
Re: umm dont matter

abe805 said:
if u take the fuse away i wont affekt any thing so is up to u bro
It disables the ABS.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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