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1990 Legend Brochure

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Showed this to Solaide today ....he enjoyed it so much, I felt guilty about not sharing it on the forum!! I got this brochure from the dealer back in 1990 when I was still salivating about owning an Acura Legend ..its been in safekeeping ever since. The brochure is printed on heavy, glossy paper: its 9.5 X 14 inches closed ...and 18 X 14 inches folded out. These photos show the entire brochure, pages in order, except of the back page which just shows the ACURA logo, red on white. Although the brochure is printed in the US, it is for the Canadian market, but shows American models (mph on the speedometer, and the shiny wheels).


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I'd like to scan them for myself!!! ...but the brochure is too big to fit on my scanner, which will only take items up to 8.5 X 11.5 inches. So these photos are the best I can do. Hula on ....
Or maybe you'd like this ?????:

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that is so hot...i want one!!!
body9599 said:
that is so hot...i want one!!!
The one I have was on Ebay about a week ago..........
that looks hotter in person. I have dibs on them when digger decides to part with them :D
Real nice.

Is it just me or does it seem that the Integra looked more updated against the Legend?

Especially this pic. The moldings, rear window, tail lights, rims.

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i seen the engine of the engine i was so into it.....too bad i can't make out what it says.....
i really ENJOYED reading that......
...Integra looks "newer" because the 1990 Integra shown is the 2nd generation Integra. It came out a year earlier than the G2 Legend.
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