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1990 Legend coupe LS A/C probs

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My 1990 Acura Legend coupe LS (five speed) has A/C probs. The compressor runs for about five minutes then shuts down for five minutes. This is repeated. Many mechanics have tried to find the problem. Relays have been replaced, valves and fittings have been replaced, The Freon has been recharged. the fans have been rigged to stay on. Nothing has fixed the problem. Any ideas?
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Is the ac compressor only shutting down at idle? What happens if you rev the engine while the compressor has been off? What are the high and low gas pressures?
Hi Titten,

Don't know the pressures. The compressor quits while driving/cruising at any speed, even at idle. Restarts ~ after five minutes. Lots of mechanics have looked at it; one thinks its a modulator.

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