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I've owned this car for the last 21 years but haven't been driving it much so it needs to go to a new owner. It's got 169,000 miles and is in good shape (mechanically sound and runs great). Given the age of the car there are a few cosmetic issues (paint and some broken plastic trim pieces) and while the tires still have 90% tread left, they likely need replaced due to age.

I'm also including an extra engine and transmission that I was going to install in another legend, but the deal for that car fell through. It's an import from Japan and had around 35K miles on it (purchased it from a dealer on this forum). It's strapped to a pallet and ready to load into your truck. Still has the pulleys, wire harness, and other goodies attached.

Asking $3500 for the package (car, plus the extra engine/transmission)

New parts added in the last 3 to 9 months:
1. New Excide battery w/3 year free replacement warranty
2. New EGR valve and gasket (passed smog last August with super low numbers)
3. New hood struts
4. New JVC Bluetooth touchscreen CD player

Small list of parts added/replaced since owning the car (the ones I can remember):
1. Eibach lowering springs
2. Koni adjustable shocks
3. Camber adjustment kit (upper ball joints)
4. Katskin full leather seat kit with perforated inserts (some of the vinyl on the seat edges is cracking
5. Eclipse component speakers in front doors
6. Powerstop cross-drilled rotors
7. Water pump, thermostat, and timing belt done @ around 100K miles
8. Both front axles/cv joints replaced
9. New valve stem seals and valve cover gaskets
10. A/C system rebuilt (original Denso compressor, new condenser, lines, etc.)
11. Radiator replaced as preventative measure (have always used Acura coolant - car has never overheated and always stays just below the mid-point on the temp gauge)
12. Transmission drain/refill every 35K miles

Known Issues:
1. The ABS pump is inoperable. This car has two brake systems (ABS was an add-on option for this generation). The brakes still work fine but ABS will be inoperable until that pump is replaced (around $150 for a used working part).
2. The passenger dome light switch is broken, but this does not affect the center dome light function.
3. The A/C system will need to be recharged. It still works fine but doesn't blow cold as it did years ago when this was a daily driver. I will include new cans of R12 Freon.

PM with any questions.
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