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Hello All,

Well the time has come to bid farewell to my beleoved Legend (tears flowing down cheek). Never thought I would ever get this emotionally attached to a car but I have! Feel like Im losing part of my family :(

Anyways, I will be leaving Toronto soon and therfore have to sell it - probably a 2002 330ci will be replacing the Legend now...

The details?

Check out the website I created for my car at:

Legend For Sale

There are details about all the options, pictures, maintenance done and more!

I am selling this car for $8000 CAD [~$5000 US] - I have a buyer already but still decided to post incase he backs out...

The car is in great shape, very clean, and runs like new.. I have taken care of my baby since day one when I bought it last year in March.

If any of us are seriously interested, email me at [email protected]

I can ship to any destination in Canada and USA. Let me know your location and I will provide you with shipping charges. Payment will be accepted via bank draft or paypal.

I would also like to thank everyone on this board for all their help - I will definitely miss the legend community!
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