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1991 sedan legend engine swap questions.

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:vomit::vomit:I have a 91 legend sedan with the C32A engine and I was wondering if it would be possiable too swap the C32A engine with a B18C5 engine or a C32B NSX engine. and would I be have enough room too put a turbo on eather of those engines once I get them in my acura.

Also can't seem too find a price for the C32B NSX engine eather.
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no Sir, The only options you have is to upgrade the type II or the 3.5rl motor.
ahh i see. and it turns out that i have a 1990 sedan what are the engines would i be able too put in? or should i just keep the c27a 2.7 in and turbo it and just bulid up the engine.
I don't know to much about 1st gens, I know some are turbo. There is a member who did the NSX but he put big $$$$ into making that dream come true.

Search for member: Car2n............
ohh man that car is gonna be gnarly when finishes up that project. yeahh that would be my dream too get the nsx engine in my legend. Definitely don't have enough money right now too do that.
I'm sure a b18 would fit in your g1 but hp wise it wouldn't be worth it IMO but I'm sure you could drop the 3.2 from tl in your car cause I've seen it done to a civic in the atl.
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