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Based on my personal experience, I would only be concerned about TB an WP
replacement in my valuation. Replacement is $800-1000. Either the owner did
it, or you must do it soon. When that issue is settled, I would want to know
about the overheating/head gasket situation. All of us can make a BHG disappear
for short intervals (test drives.) If you are serious and assured that you do or
do not need TB and WP, consider getting a "Chemical Blue Test Kit" from NAPA
for about $50.00 to check for hydrocarbons around the radiator. Others will
recommend a compression test on all cylinders. Many of us would label a BHG
Acura as a parts car or salvage vehicle. The TB, WP and HG repairs would cost
$2500-$3000. That might not be a factor for an otherwise "Cherry" car; it would
be a deal breaker for me if I did not already own it (oops, I do.) If all three conditions
exist (TB,WP,BHG) a best offer for a "nice" chassis is $750-$1000. Add $2500 (in repairs) and decide if it is worth it. I am partial to 5 speed manuals (6 speed maybe.)
Rarity might be a factor based on color, tranny, interior, leather condition, etc.
Finally, maintenance is somewhat costly. having some mechanical skills and tools
plus this site will make the dream manageable. Hope it works out for you. If not,
keep on looking. Your Legend is out there somewhere.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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