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Hello HangryGamer,

Acura Parts | OEM Acura Parts | Factory Acura Parts | OEMAcuraPart is a good place to start for oem parts.

For bushings specifically, you can have a look at the following sites, listed in order of variety.

1. Пятикратный ресурс. Полиуретановые втулки и сайлентблоки.
2. Полиуретан.ру | Автозапчасти, мотозапчасти от производителя, сайлентблоки и втулки из полиуретана.
3. Siberian Bushing Canada - High Performance Polyurethane Suspension.

I've personally used #2 and #3 to good results, and I have read good things in other forums for #1. It also has the greatest variety, with poly bushings for most of the front and rear suspension.

I hope this helps.
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