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1994 Legend Coupe MT6 needs new clutch

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Hello all,

I am new to the site but have been lurking for years.

I am a proud 13-year owner of a 1994 Acura Legend L Coupe with a 6MT. The car has been running great throughout my time with it, but I am now in need of replacing the clutch. I just hit 190,000 miles, which isn't very much, but I deal The clutch doesn't slip, but it's getting harder and harder to engage and smoothly shift into gears, particularly first and third.
A local mechanic quoted me $700 for labor, and although I know it may not be the best price, they have a good reputation and I trust their work. However, if I were to bring in my own replacement clutch (aftermarket, not sure about OEM), he will not be able to warranty the work.
I don't mind the stock clutch, but I could use something a bit shorter. I typically use this car for a short commute (under 10 miles), but I do live in an area with heavy traffic. I generally enjoy sportier (shorter and tighter) clutches, but I have never driven a short-clutch for long periods of time. I am also not looking to spend an arm and a leg, but quality (in terms of longevity) matters to me most.
I guess I would prioritize my needs as such:

1. Quality Workmanship

2. Price

3. Performance (Tuning)

I am wondering if purchasing the clutch myself would be a good option? If so, do you guys have any clutch recommendations for my circumstances? Or would I be best off just having the mechanic find the part to retain the warranty on labor? Please excuse any ignorance on my part. Although I am familiar with vehicle intake and outtake systems, I am not very familiar with the transmission.

Any replies, comments, suggestions, or even flames would be appreciated.

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I just did some research, and it looks like I should just stick with OEM (Exedy). Hopefully the mechanic will give me a good price on the part, so I can keep the warranty. It's going about $360-$400 new on online retailers (not ebay).
I got mines from Ebay for about $300 (For a 5spd). The seller wanted more but had a BEST OFFER buton.
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