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hinow said:
Supposed to change belts and hoses after six years, I believe, not just 90k mi. Belts and hoses crack and expand over time. Changed all my belts, hoses, put in new radiator, water pump, etc. on one of my G2 Legends that still has only about 20k mi on it. The other G2, did the same at 40k mi for the same reason. On my G1 coupe did the same every 40k mi. You can laugh at me for the compulsiveness on the cars, but I have not had any bad problems to date. My old Supra was sold to someone else and has over 300k mi with no engine or cooling problems. Legends have very fragile cooling systems, so to me, the less miles and the more valuable your car is, the better to take care of it.
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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