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1995 acura legend start for 3 minutes then stalls out

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I have 1995 acura legend coupe type II motor with 214,xxx miles I started having problems the last couple of days. It started then drove like it was running out of gas then it just died. Now it starts for a couple of minutes then it wil either die when i step on the brakes or put into drive or reverse. I have changed out the plugs coil packs relay switch. I want to know you guys have any other ideas before I start spendin more money on parts. I know its the not the ignition switch or starter solenoid cause it tries to start but wont turn over. Now im thinking of the starter igniter but I hear it clicking on and off. fuel pump maybe but it primes. After a day it starts again and does the same thing. I have read the other threads about the idle going crazy mine does it as well. I have new water pump as well to install with timing belt. Can the timing cause the problem as well.
If case maybe Im just gonna sell the car.
Interior is near perfect leather seats and all body is good just a couple of door dings. Love the car hate the problems associated with it.
So if anyone has any insights please feel free send me a message of reply to the post
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take a deep breath, I know these cars can be very frustrating but this sounds like the IACV needs to be cleaned or adjusted.

Acura Legend Online Service Manual (Page: 0229)
How do I take it apart and clean it out. And how do I adjust it.
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