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This list is in its infancy. Some of these were taken from while others are taken from Credit is given to the person who provided the instruction in the thread, not necessarily the thread starter.

1996-2004 Acura3.5RL DIY's

Keeping your C35A running strong courtesy of HNIC
Keeping your C35A running strong - The Acura Legend & Acura RL Forum

Grumpy's Nitrous Installation DIY

Instrument Cluster bulb change courtesy of 97_RLer
DIY: 1st Gen Acura RL Instrument Guage Cluster LED Bulbs - The Acura Legend & Acura RL Forum

AT shifter --> chrome shifter courtesy of RL me
make your AT shifter into chrome. step by step instructions inside - Acura Forum - Acura

Aux. In done on a 99 RL courtesy of RLuke
How to: AUX IN for 99 RL (iPOD, MP3 players, etc.) - Acura Forum - Acura

Cabin filter replacement courtesy of Jinny
RL cabin air filter replacement DIY - Acura Forum - Acura

Changing RL brake pads courtesy of Jinny
RL brake pad change DIY - Acura Forum - Acura

Rotor replacement courtesy of RLuke
Rotors replacement 2002 RL - Acura Forum - Acura

RL Main Relay replacement courtesy of map95003

Changing the Main-Relay on the RL - DIY - Acura Forum - Acura

EGR and Intake Manifold Cleaning courtesy of petthepeep

DIY: EGR and Intake Manifold Cleaning - Acura Forum - Acura

SRS reset DIY courtesy of imaginasian vboy
Resetting SRS Light DIY - Acura Forum - Acura

Acura 3.5RL TSBs courtesy of Jinny
RL TSB's - Acura Forum - Acura

Acura 3.5RL DTC codes courtesy of petthepeep
DTC Codes for Acura RL - Acura Forum - Acura

Projector based HID retrofit courtesy of the dudes at HONDATUNING
HID Conversion | Acura RL Enthusiast at

Auto Tilt w/ Remote Start DIY courtesy of DOHCrazy

imports_only1's LS430 projector retrofit

In addition to the link, I need to be able to tell who created the DIY or HOW-TO to give proper credit, otherwise I will not post them.

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DIY: Retaining Automatic Steering Column Tilt w/ Remote Start

Mods, Please add this to the stickies thread.

If any of you have a remote start system installed, you may have noticed that your auto-tilt/telescoping steering wheel does not function when taking over the car.

If any of you plan on installing or having a remote start system installed, show this document to your installer before your appointment.

The solution is relatively simple.

Under and to the right of the steering column is the Steering Column Control Unit. This unit is in a vertical position with three plugs connected to it. The two lower plugs are black, and look different than the higher, third plug. We will be using the higher of the two black plugs, or the middle of the three. It is a 12 pin connector called "A." (Figure 1)

First, use a pick tool to unplug Connector A. The wires will be bundled together with some other harness. Use a razor blade to carefully cut the tape and release the wires. Once unplugged, you will have plenty of room to work with the wire we will need. (Figure 2)

The wire we are looking for is the Black/Yellow wire in Connector A. It is pin A5. Black/Yellow is the common Honda color for Ignition, though you should always test with a digital multi-meter. This wire will test 12v with the car on, and <1v with the car off. (Figure 3)

You will also notice that this wire reads 12v once the car is remote started, as the remote start is turning on the ignition circuit in the vehicle.

Our problem lies here. The Acura key-sense only works when this Black/Yellow wire is at rest, or less than 1v. What we need to do is use a relay to keep this wire at rest until the driver takes over the remote started car with the key.

First, you will need to cut the Black/Yellow A5 wire. I cut it about 3.5 inches back from the plug. This leaves plenty of slack if I ever decide to remove the relay, although that is unlikely. (Figure 4)

The wiring for the relay will be as follows (Figure 5):

85 - 12v Constant
86 - Remote Start Blue (-) Status Output
30 - Black/Yellow from SCCU
87 - Empty
87a - Black/Yellow from Car

Chances are if you're installing a remote start, you are comfortable with relays. If you are unfamiliar with relays, here is a basic explanation. Terminals 30 and 87a are connected when the coil is NOT energized, or at rest. In other words, when there is not a complete circuit between 85 and 86, 30 and 87a are connected. When the coil IS energized, terminals 30 and 87 connect. In other words, by completing the circuit between 85 and 86, 30 and 87 are connected.

Here is a better guide if you need more explanation: Relays

The Remote Start Blue (-) Status Output wire we are using as a switch is a wire from the remote start system. If you are not using a DEI system, your wire may be different. Regardless, you need a wire that is active only when the car is remote started. In the case of DEI alarms, this Remote Start Blue (-) Status Output wire is ground only when the car is running via remote start.

By using the relay, we are keeping the SCCU in our Acura from receiving an ignition signal until we take over the car with they key. Once this relay is installed, you will be able to remote start the car, enter at any time, and still have an automatic steering wheel when you insert the key. As a bonus, when you park and let the remote start take over your Acura, the steering wheel will tilt out of your way when you remove the key.

If you have any questions, please post them.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

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The fuel pump is really easy. Remove the rear seat bottom cushion and the access panel to the fuel pump should be right there. Shouldn't take more than 30mins plus or minus. Pull the fuel pump fuse just to be safe...and I wouldn't smoke while doing this repair either. :yes:

Great DIY Link!! Do you have spec(s) on fuel pump replacement??

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It seems that the link to upgrade to HID headlights for an RL is no longer active on the website given. At least, the whole article isn't, anyway. I have contacted the site requesting that they amend the page to show completely.

In the time being, does anyone know of similarly geared websites that might help provide such insights? Thanks very much!

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can anyone help me im from australia and am after every badge from a 1997 3.5 rl because it is still called a legend over here and want to be differant please please help me, looked on ebay but there no rl kits and also after markets head lights and tail ights

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Old thread, I know. Did a search, and I need the pictures to the post above. Bigg72's thread left the issue unaddressed. Please help

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