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1996 RL Power Steering issue

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Hi all,
Ron here and I'm asking for some input regarding the power steering system on my '96 RL. Late last fall, after reaching 305k miles, my original rack unit finally gave up the ghost. At that time, I decided to replace the not only the rack, but a complete new suspension front an rear and all new brakes components front and rear. My dilema is this:
After replacing the original rack unit with a rebuilt unit, the end seals decided to leak profusely (poor qualitry control??) after 2 months. I contacted the seller and a replacement rebuilt unit was sent.
The second rack unit was installed and after 3 months, again the seals leaked (worse than the first). Since so much time had passed since initial purchase, I was not able to obtain a refund and rather than keep putting in a poorly rebuilt unit, I decided to just bite the bullet and start over again. Due to finances, I couldn't afford $600+ for a new unit and after searching, I found a used unit out of an TL (same Honda P/N) with under 80k miles on it, no leaking evident so that one was installed.
Afrter 3 weeks, the steering system started leaking from the front of the car near the lines and pump. I replaced the pump with a new unit as well as the rubber hose lines and still the leaks persist to this day. It is actually blowing the resoivior cap off and blowing the fluid out from there. I have bled the system repeatedly (with the wheels off the ground), and it's creating so much pressure in the system, the fluid in the resoivoir is churning up like a vanilla milk shake. I took it to the dealer and their only suggestion is to spend 2200 on a "new OEM" rack (not gonna happen).
Anyones thoughts on what could be causing this problem and where I can look for possible "other" problems? I pretty much haven't been able to drive the car for the past year and would really like to get it back on the road. Any help or suggestion is greatly appreciated.
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I felt you pain man because I just installed a rebuilt rack a couple days ago. It has tiny bit of leak. The leak is minimal so there is anything to concern about. I've planned to continue to drive the car and just monitor the leak.
BTW, how bad is your leak?
Hey there an thanks for the reply. My leak will completly empty the resoivoir tank within 10 miles of driving... :(...all the while feeling like driving an old pickup without any power steering. Signed.....frustrated
Do you know where is the leak coming from? Try to secure all the holes and fill the fluid all the way up to top of the resovior(spelling) neck.
it sound to me like you have a problem with the seals on the pump... I'll try to replace the original pump gaskets and reinstall..
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