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2 more fricken weeks!

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Gahh... I only have 2 more weeks till I turn 16. Which only means one thing..... DRIVERS LICENSE!! YAY!! haha.

I have been counting down for a while now. Sad eh? As soon as I get my license I have to get a job also. This being because I have to have money to get the mods I have listed below. Well.. I know this post was pointless but I did it anyways. :D Thanks.
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15 here.. still saving da $$$ for a legend.. but soon..very soon
All I got when I was 16 was a 1986 Dodge Conquest Turbo, then few months later a 1991 Honda Civic. How did you guys save up so much money for a Legend?? are you guys spoiled!!
I've had a job for the past 2 summers, i got about 3k saved.. but its all about this summer.. $8 an hour!!! im not spoiled wat so ever.. i have to buy everything i want, except food and clothes.. but its all good.. better for me in tha real world!!
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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