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2 problems

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Ok, for starters my main concern is my steering I've been having some trouble making my turns with my 94 Legend L coupe. I fill the reservoir time and time again but I keep losing it. There is no leaks that I can see, so what could it be.

Now, secondly my rear brakes are acting kinda funny when I'm at cruising speed I feel the car lurch slightly forward as if something was holding me back. What could it possibly be. I've changed the brakes front and rear just not the inner drums on the rear.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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are you using honda power steering fluid? check the brakes for uneven wear as one may be stuck.
Yes that's all that I've got for it. About 4 bottles I've gone through. As for the brakes I'll look at them later on today. Thank you I appreciate it.
they only way its not leaking is if your burning it. but thats hard to beleive have you had any work done to the rack or is there any leakes in the rack?
Not that I can see but ill check again.
ok keep me posted
If your car is hesitating like you mentioned more than likely you have dry guide pins which will make the brakes stick or there is air in the system and the brakes needs to be bled.

The power steering issue sounds like your rack seals are bad and the reason your not seeing it is because the rack boots is where it's hiding.

: check the guide pins and make sure the slide.
: check the rack boots for fluid.
@big boy yeah I noticed it last night I had a trail of fluid going down my drive way its coming from the passenger side. And the guide pin was pretty dry no lubrication what so ever. Thanks for the tips.
Thanks both of y'all.
If its those seals ur talking about how would I fix that?
The valve stem seals would need to be replaced. There is a DIY on replacing them without removal of the heads.

If you HG's haven't been done you might want to consider doing them now for peace of mind.
Where is the DIY at? My buddy told me to just replace the rack and pinion cause of how hard they are to replace.
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