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Torque means everything

LegendTypeRKon said:
I have raced my friends MODDED 98 GT he gets me by 3-4 and my friend in a 2001 GT 5-Speed gets my by 1.5 he has K&N but my other friends brother has a 2002 GT I raced him and He got me by just less than a bumper...I guess its all in the driver...but **** 260 HP and 305 lbs of torque dont mean ****, If we only had more toque we could take so many V8's. Anyone run z28's TransAms or GT's, yet even OLD cobras, if you are a TYPEII with some mods those are some good races..
Exactly. You beat the driver, and certainly not the car. If any Legend owner thinks they can beat a new Mustang Cobra or GT then they are on crack. Or, they have raced a V-6 mustang, which is a God forsaken mistake if Ford ever made one.

And just as a side note, the 2002 Mustang Cobra that is coming out in a few months has 390hp. Prepare to have your asses handed to you!
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