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This Sunday I took the old rice sled out and stepped in her ass. It was a wet day, and a cold day, so I didn't get what I would say 'optimal' results out of the track or the jug. 60' times were about .3-.5 too high but I was having to launch rather carefully to keep from spinning through 330' (no shit). I didn't have my heater hooked up, since we'd been having 70-80 degree days, and of course it was in the low 60s. The full tank of fuel didn't help either, but this wasn't a serious endeavor, just a little Sunday jaunt.

I won't bother scanning the slips, as they're not impressive enough for anybody to call BS (not even on this forum) but here's three runs (.042 Nitrous Jet/.040 Fuel Jet, Dry 80hp, pump gas, stock tire pressure, no powerbrake on launch, TCS off):

04/21/08 12:40PM
R/T .652
60' 2.400
330' 6.502
1/8th 9.828
MPH 74.47

04/21/08 12:44PM
R/T .491
60' 2.484
330' 6.650
1/8th 9.990
MPH 74.41

04/21/08 12:49PM
R/T .598
60' 2.367
330' 6.497
1/8th 9.834
MPH 74.46

You'll see the trap speeds are pretty consistent and respectable. Even with some really nasty launches I was still seeing 73mph+. Overall, and considering the gloom of the day, I think it went fine.

I'm convinced that a dry day (and the bottle heater) would lead the car into 9.4 territory at around 76-77mph.

I was supposed to have video, but my lady in the stands decided that since she didn't listen to me about how my camera worked, that she'd take cellphone vids and they'd be just as good. If it wasn't for the vagina I'd murder her in her sleep.

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nah she isnt too fat to fly. any car can fly! just needs a bit of work.. hahaha yeah a pro tree is IMO better than the .500 tree
Any car can fly. Sure. A 4000lb FWD car is about as far from ideal as it gets. I was enamored with the 1995 Impala SS and kept breaking shit because we wanted it to be a high 11 second daily driven car. She was too fat to fly.

I would've preferred a sportsman tree on that day actually. I just didn't want anybody to try to punk me and say I red-lighted. In most cases the 'get ready, get set, go' lights on the sportsman tree really help a guy get the launch right without making him look stupid or that he's 'sleeping at the lights.'

I even lowered the nitrous activation RPM to 1800rpm and tried to pedal the car out of the hole (relying only on the WOT function to activate) but I just couldn't make anything good happen.

If the dry track and warm bottle doesn't push the car into the mid to low 9s I'm going to add a second stage of giggle juice...thankfully I have all the parts sitting around.

damn grumpy we seriously have something in common.
You know what I'm saying! I was laying out some twisted burnouts. Putting those Michelin Pilots to work...thinking I could show the guys how to roast $900 worth of tires the right way...and she couldn't even get it on film? Whore! She needs some theme music...2bmurderedby. :yes:

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B+O, I was just thinking about those pictures the other day. I'll get 'em to you. Send me some sketches.

cfprezskid, it isn't that she has a vagina that keeps me from killing her, it's just that I don't like the idea of sticking it to a cold one...and I rather like her particular penile receiving unit.
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