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2005 RL Fire

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I'm new to this site. Loved my Acura Rl, which is no more. We were traveling on the Interstate when our BRAKE light came on. July 2015 My husband tried to apply the brakes. Their were no brakes, and smoke started coming into the car by the windshield, and flames came up real fast. We weren't able to get out of the car, but thank the Lord a passerby stop and smashed the window so we could get out. Does anyone have any inkling to why this happened? We bought the car new and kept up the service. Even our dealer will verify that.
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Wow! Really glad you're OK. Sounds like a brake line was cut or came loose and sprayed brake fluid on the exhaust headers.
2005 Acura Fire

Thank You for the comment. Sure hope we can get satisfaction for this. But yes we are glad to be alive.
Check with acura on their tsb regularly for the next year or so. The brake master cylinder needs to be "inspected" right now on kb1s but i dont think its become a tsb yet and its def not a recall yet but acura is aware there is some type of fault in them and telling dealerships to inspect them whenever they come in for servicing. If you bought it from a dealer then i would immediately demand their in house service record and check to see if they serviced the brakes.
Next we need to know where the fire started like the front rotor or rear driver or passenger or under hood?. Has the vehicle been demolished or can it still be inspected. This may be related to your problem as well it may not.I would assume a 2005 is too new to have a bulge in a line but its possible.
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