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Check this out ya'll. I say that since last year it was in Texas, (which I knew, I would have been there), this year we hit the west coast in August or September.

This will be perfect, because HIN/D will be in Los Angeles on August 18th. Then going to SF @ AT&T park on September 23rd. If we work it right, we can not only go, but get some of the locals, and the visitors to have there cars entered into the show to help have the largest Legend representation in a car show (something im beginning working on with The49DJ. If this goes right, with everyone's help, we will also have models, t.shirts, etc...)

Then next year we hit up the east coast (in the summer of course). Im think it would be cool to go to Florida or D.C. As for staying places, we should work together with those who live locally to have them stay @ our houses, or hook up hotels close by to show our graditude for them coming such a long distance, and helping them out with there long drive, and expenses.

So please let me know what you think.
61 - 63 of 63 Posts
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