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3,005 posts byotches...

It was a quiet 3,005 posts at that...I keeps a low key around here. You won't know I'm here until I ban your ass! :giggle:

Thank you to and the members that log in and post everyday. Some of the posts I've read have been very informative...others...not so much. Thanks to Graeme for making me the Mod of the RL forum and B+O for the nomination and thanks to all of you that offer up good advice, DIY's, friendship and all that good stuff- keep it going. Oh yeah, and thank you to all the mods that keep this place from ending up on a one way path to purgatory...I know I help out, but I don't deal with a fraction of the stuff you guys do.

Here's to another 3,005 er 6 now.

Ya'll are great!
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