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This requires installing the timing belt first, aligning all timing marks and obtaining proper tension on the timing belt. Reposition crankshaft at TDC before installing balancer belt. The balancer does not interfere with the crankshaft and operates external to the engine block. The balancer is a vibration reduction mechanism and is not critical to engine operation

Remove the balancer shaft maintenance hole bolt pictured. Shine a light in the hole and turn the balance shaft via the pulley until you see the hole in the shaft is aligned with the maintenance hole. Insert a 1.8" 6mm bolt into the hole to hold it. Line up the marks on the balance shaft pulley, verify crankshaft is a TDC and install the belt and tighten the tensioner. Remove the 1.8" holding bolt and re-install the maintenance bolt. Turn crankshaft 4 times to position belt and loosen then re-tighten the balance belt tensioner.

Balancer shaft maintenance hole, behind power steering pump on balancer shaft body.

Balancer shaft pulley alignment marks.

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