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3.5 Oil Pump Specs

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I need the oil pump displacement specs for the 3.5. It can be found in the service manual under "Design Specifications". I have looked all over for a downloadable service manual for the 1st gen Rl's to no avail. if any one has a service manual could you please take the time to look it up? Or if you have a valid link to a downloadable one it would be appreciated!
Thank You
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Specs Sorry if they are a little late

Oil pump
Inner-to-outer rotor radial clearance

Standard (New) 0.02 - 0.16 (0.001 - 0.006)

Limit 0.20 (0.008)
Housing-to-outer rotor radial clearance

Standard (New) 0.10 - 0.18 (0.004 - 0.007)

Limit 0.20 (0.008)
Housing-to-rotor axial clearance

Standard (New) 0.02 - 0.07 (0.001 - 0.003)

Limit 0.12 (0.005)
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