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4 Those w/ Battery & Alt. problems...

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I remember seeing a few remarks around in the forum about people having problems with their batteries and alternators. Its a known issue that if you drive at low speeds a lot or your car is idling often that the alternator is being taxed. some of you might experience having to replace the alternator quite oftern or having battery drain issues.

The problem is that at low engine speeds, the alternator may turn too slowly to generate enough current to meet demands. This will especially be noticed if you have a heavy electrical load on the car.

To prevent this problem, Acura offers a kit (Acura part number 06310-PL2-004) consisting of a smaller diameter alternator pulley and a shorted drive belt.*

Here are two links where I have pulled some information from


olympic imported parts

*Taken from paragraph on website.
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I enquired about this part number and Honda Canada came back with an 'Invalid Part Number'. Has anyone checked for this part?
i have also and it was a invalid part num. i think there might be a typo in the num but the guy i talked to said he never heard of it though because i explained what the part was for and what it was but he said he never heard about it now was this because he didnt wana be bothered or was it really true,.. who knows but anyway hope i could help
That's exactly what my guy said and he was not brushing me off. It's a cool idea and i'll run with it a bit more. Thanks for the post.
who did yall try talking to?

was it someone from one of the sites i listed?
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