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50 mm offset

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I go to the wheel shop here in san antonio and the guy tells me that he won't sell me anything less than a 50 mm offset for my legend.From what I looked at in the catalogs there was not many options. Anyone know where I can see rims online with THE OFFSET LISTED. He offered to beat any price and get any brand for me. Help pics of rims with 50mm anything? I'm looking for 17's by the way --chrome--
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Legends have very high stock offset of +65mm on 6.5 in wide rims. So if you're getting 17in aftermarket rims, the width will be at least 7in. The wider the rims, the further it will stick out and the lower the offset, the further it will stick out. So combine the two and do the math. If the rims is too wide, and offset too low, the rims might stick out past the fenders and look like 4 wheel rollerskates. It will also cause rubbing when you go over bumps.

So IMO get the higher the offset the better.
These are the numbers I like to go with just to be safe, but I know others have gotten away with lower numbers. But I like to play it safe, it's much more of a hassle to order rims and wait for them to come in and find out they rub after putting them on. Not a pleasent feeling.

for 7in rims, offset->at least +43mm
for 7.5in rims, offset ->at least +46mm
for 8in rims, offset -> at least 50mm

These numbers should almost garantee no rubbing.

Also another thing to consider is different manufactures offset might vary slightly. But like I said, so it's better to be safe than sorry.
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If he won't sell you what you want I'd go somewhere 18" have a +42 offset.
I think that guy is going by the book and realyl wants to make sure you don't rub. My shop also told me a 50 offset was recomended, but the sold me my 17X7 rims with a +46mm offset. With 0 degree camber it will rub the plastic liner in the front fender well. My other friend ran a +47 and just got away with it when camber was corrected back to 0. I personally feel a +48 will also be okay. If I were to buy another set of rims for my Legend, it will be no lower than a +48, and I would be shooting for a +50 or higher. Some people have keep some negetive camver in their suspension giving them more room to use lower offsets, but if you want to get it back to recomended spec, take his advice and get as high an offset you can.
BBS RS II 18x8.5, +48 offset, flush fit, lowered, no rubbing, zero complaints, mucho compliments!!!


Fut :cool:
Hey Ive got

17s with a 40mm offset without any rub problems

Not lowered 93LS Coupe
I've got 17x7's with +48 offset and no rubbing.
17s with a 40mm offset without any rub problems
Same here, also at stock ride height.
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