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Noya said:
Chimuyo1, your not serious are you? Piston rings? Your talk about stripping the block! thousands of dollars for those repairs or as you say preventative maintenance.

These cars seem as troublesome as DSMs and I don't want to join, or should I say...have my mother join a camp like that as that is who this car would be for.
Legends are one of the most reliably "sport" performance sedan (whatever you wanna call it) cars out there especially given the time period. These cars simply don't break. Yeah, there is alot of complaining on these forums, but the reliability of this car is much better than any other luxury car from the time.

My car has 160k on the clock and absolutely no major problems. No "billowing" smoke after stoplights. Dealer maintained from new till 150k. BHG replaced by the dealer for free at 70k. In the last 50,000 miles I've had to do (besides scheduled maintence).. let's see.. a new radiator, and new brake pads. Whoop-te-doo.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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