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6000K Kit, The 1 month review

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These were the best investment.
The most important thing about these is this:
The color of the HIDs reflects signs like NOTHING else.
Even though I have the beam pattern facing down as to not bother anyone (probably moreso than I should), it STILL lights up the signs 100 feet away, and 20-30 feet high. That's awesome.

I work Sun-Wed, 1pm to 12am, so I *ALWAYS* drive at night, and I need a car that will light up the road. Think of it as insurance. I almost hit a deer in my G1 in December due to poor lighting. If anyone wants pics , I'll take pics of the beam pattern although I doubt they'll come out right, due to the optics of the camera.
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Nice kit! I just bought a set of 6000k for my Ducati and my buddies R1. autolamps is a pretty decent company, and I'm looking forward to getting my HID's! Janet was even nice enough to cut $15 off the price in exchange for pictures of my install on the Ducati. It'll be fun to put together anyways.

I have to say that your beams look much more blue than other setups I've seen. I spend extra for the 6000k over the 4000k because I was told that's how to get the bluish look. I hope they're right!
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