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88 acura legand automatic power window malfunction

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My grandfather has a very nice 88 acura legand L. Everything works fine except when he uses the automatic power window switch for the drivers side window. When he flips it on it stays on continuosly after the window is completely rolled down unless he hits the button again as if rolling it back up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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So, you're saying when you hit the down switch to roll the window down, it'll keep rolling down after hitting the switch? If so, thats normal. Most newer cars do that. The G1 was so far ahead of its time, what ever the newer cars has, the G1 Legend had it first. If you don't want the window to roll all the way down, try not to press the switch hard. Give it a light tap.

If you hit the switch that turns all the cabin switches on, and it starts to roll down on its own, then it sounds like the switch is bad. If you have a local junkyard near you, you can probably find one there and replace it. Not sure what model you have (Coupe/Sedan), if its a Coupe, you can grab the master switch from an 87-90 Coupe. If its a Sedan, you can grab one from an 88-90 Sedan.
I know it is an automatic window, my problem is when the window get all the way down, the motor is still trying to go further down, it does not stop untill it is kicked out by pushing the switch to start it back up. It makes a loud clicking sound. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Does sound like the switch is getting stuck. Only thing I can tell you, its either the Master Switch, or the relay thats in the fuse box Engine Bay. On the fuse box cover, it'll say Power Window Relay. Try replacing that first. If it still does it, then you'll need to replace the switch.
Thanks for the info, I've changed the switch, did not help, I'll try the relay.
Also having trouble with cruse control. It lights up, but will not set. I have checked the fuse, it is ok. Tried holding down set button, but no results. Is there a sensor or relay that I can check? If so , where is it located? Appreciate any help you can give me.
For the cruise control, here's a couple of things you can test on:

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