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90 Legend Overheating??

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Please let me know if this helps I went through the same thing yesterday. When I pulled over it was smoking so I let it cool off,BUT MY DUMB A S S started messing with the radiator cap and it shot off and anyi freeze flew everywhere(got the burn marks to prove it) I got it towed to the mechanic and he said I need a new radiator cap. We'll see today
Did you ever figure out the overheating problem? I have a 1990 Legend V6 that overheats occasionally, only when stuck in slow traffic and not all the time. At idle no problem. Changed thermostat already and flushed system. See no leaks. Fans also come on. TIA
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Don't know about G2 stuff. But, G1's rad fan doesn't come on until operating temp is achieved, or the A/C is turned ON, them both rad fan and condensor fan run. They also run at two speeds depending on the water or oil temp.

As for the over-heating at the top, most times this intermitent problem is due to the cooling system not being full. When filling, the thing MUST be bled from the bleed valve, then run another 20-40 minutes with the rad cap off until ALL the bubbles stop.

This engine is notorious for trapping air inside the block and making you think the thing is full when it's not.

Also, heard others say running pure water is enough to cause situational overheating on these cars. It really needs a 50/50 coolant mixuture.

I do know when it's right, you could drive all day at 90 in the desert.
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