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glad to find this thread.
well the mechanic was putting in new belts, that fucker somehow broke the radiator cap. now i think its on purpose so they can suck more money out of me, they really pissed me off.

they call and told me the radiator cap broke and will need to charge me $15 more to fix it. i was like , it wasnt broken when it got there. and he said well its either you pay to get a new one or your stucked. i feeling like yelling at them, then i start to think they might fuck up some more shit with my car and i let it go.

i saw some radiator fluids under the hood. they got a new one in.

so here;s my question. do the fan spins automatically when the car starts , or when you turn on the A/C ??? cause mine is not spinning when the car is on. and its night time , i dont want to walk outside to check it. kinda bad area around here.
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