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I need to buy new summertires to my Legend this week.
I got now 205/55/16 and I was wondering if 225/50/16 or
225/45/16 would fit without problems? Anyone got any experience
on wider tires? Or could you give a tip what size tires would look nice
wit 16" rims?

Also was thinking of new rims. The ones I was gonna get have
an offset of 40, will they fit to my Legend with no probs?

A pic of the rims if someone is interested:

Well, I ordered them now. Lets hope they fit. I'll post here when I get em if anyone
else is wondering the same thing.

Tomason 3 BlackChrome (7x16, 4x114.3 Offset: 40)
Goodyear SAVA Intenza (225/45-16 Z)
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