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Is this really what Type S rims are going for? Damn!!!! I had no idea they'd be that expensive!!

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You want to know something really interesting? The 16" Legend GS syle rims are going anywhere from $235-$299 each at those rim refhinishing shops, while the TL-S and CL-S rims are going between $150 and $195 each. So, IMHO $900 is a little high for CL-S/TL-S unless it includes the tires than maybe $900 is okay. I rather get nice refinshed rims at less than $200 each.

Check this like for CL-S rims

This one for TL-S rims. IT is the same price as the CL-S rims though.

Compare it to the 16" Legend GS rims
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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