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91 Legend Engine Swap To 01 Acura NSX

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Im new to this forum thing, so please give advise if any. Just got an 91 Acura Legend Coupe, and Im ready to swap out the stock motor and drop in an 2001 Acura NSX motor, transmission, and diff; Or should I swap in the RL motor?:wtf:
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Rl swap will be way easier. The nsx's motor requires extreme modding to make it fit.
Which RL motor is better, I like the 2010 RL 3.5
To me3.2 motor is the best but any 3.5 from the 1st gen rl will work but you will need to mod a motor mount to make it work.
Modding the car for an NSX motor would be more work than RL?
Yea with rl only 1 motor mount is needed with the nsx there would be motor mounts and trans mount needed to be made pluse a lot of relocation on other parts.
Now if your gonna do the 3.5 you have 3 ways to do it. 1. 3.5 swap 2. 3.5 hybrid where you use type 2 cams and intake from a t2 3.2 and then 3. 3.5 frankinstien where you use the t2 3.2 heads and intake but most don't do this because of the modding to the intake to use the heads!
You can forget about the NSX motor. The only direct swap is the 1996-2004 RL motor.
The 96-04 RL 3.5's are relatively simple and easy swaps, hardest being the front mount build using the front mounts of both cars. The NSX would require extensive modding of the entire front end, it has been done successfully on a G1 but I haven't seen one done on a G2.
Thanks Guys, I Really Do Appreciate The Advise, I Think Im Gonna Stick To The 04 RL Motor. Would It Also Be Easier If I Mod The Stock Motor, And Would Anybody Know Whats The Max Power I Can Get Out Of The Stock Motor?
Easier yes but depend on what you want to use the power for. 3.5 has more torque but way less power unless you combine the 3.2 t2 parts. Then there's nos, turbos and supercharges that can be added with custom modding. Plus there's ecu chips and injector swaps.
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