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91 legend LS rescue

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Just got a legend from a older lady who let it sit for about 2 years. Need new o rings on the injectors and cleaning of the fuel pump new gas to get running
Been driving it for about a week. Runs good, shifts a little hard tho
My main concern is the smoke coming from the tail pipe.. Looks white, definitely not blue or black. I failed smog a couple days ago with almost double HC
The other emissions gases where pass
Already did fresh oil on day 1.
Gonna change that to shell rotella, and do plugs, flush coolant, change Trans filter and fluid tomorrow
It doesn't overheat or stumble or anything to suggest BHG
Any thoughts?
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I've heard the hard shifting is often caused by worn tranny mounts. How many miles? Have you changed the spark plugs since you got it? What other tests have been conducted to rule out a bhg?
209k miles
There is a transmission mount in the service records done like 20k miles ago in 2009
I figured the Trans fluid needs to be changed anyway and was hoping it would fix the shifting.
The spark plugs were changed. There was a little bit oil in spark cylinder 1&2. Figure those head cover o rings are dried out/leaking.
I haven't done a leak down test yet.
The project has stalled the last couple days since the oil pan threads stripped, it's just been sitting in the street with no oil in it. I need to find a solution for and get it over to my buddies shop so he can do a leak down and figure out if the valve seal is no good or what is making it smoke
Awesome car and it's features are so nice, I am also remember drooling over the Legend coupe when I was younger.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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