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92 acura legend L

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I have a 92 acura legend L with 289k miles, im having a few issues with, there are no LEDs on my ecu, I even took the shield off with no lights, just the ecu, there are holes in the cover to view them, so I am assuming that it may be a newer replacement? but it still has the honda tags on it, So in short I have the check engine light on, but can't check it, even the cover on the ecu under that there are no LEDs, strange.. I have reset it a few times by pulling fuse 15, as read/reset diy sheet said, and comes back on after about 2-3 minutes of running. abs comes on and stays on, only other issues are it is in need of a tune up(20k miles last tune up), little hesitation, but that is to be fixed next week. The ABS light is on, but is due to the sensor on the drivers side front, it was replaced and since then the light has been on, the check engine has been on since my sister in-law had it, and I haven't been able to figure out how to get the codes without a LED readout on the ecu. and the d4 light flashes, which I had that looked at and It was a sensor, I can't remember which it was, but it was replaced and it was fine for a few months then returned. other than that no leaks, doesn't burn oil, engine was rebuilt 20k ago, and front axles replaced 50k ago. runs smooth and still sounds great! aside from the check engine, drives great, shifts perfect every time, everything else works great, the ac was converted over to 134a last summer.
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Look at the online manual for checking the codes. Basically you short the connector and then your check engine light flashes the codes. Same goes for your D4 light, when the connector is shorted it will flash the transmission codes and same goes for the ABS light.
wow O I feel dumb, lol, I didn't pay attention to the site I was reading, it was on the right side along side the ecu. I got code 2, and 6, o2 sensor, and a coolant sensor, nothing else. and lights off now, went for a drive it aint on anymore so who knows with this old car, I'll replace both tomorrow and go from there.
good to hear.
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