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zagato27 said:
Ah, but do you have a 97 Max SE 5spd? ;) . BTW, looked at you 92 LS. WOW, gorgeous. Great paint. You must put a lot of love in that baby. Congrats. Cheers
No, I don't have a MAX but I might be adding a GTO to the family. Like you, the Legend is for your coupe will go to my son.....but not for a year or two. He's 15 now so as long as he continues to do good in school, this might be his first car. As for the GTO, I've been yearning for some good ol V8, RWD, 6 speed fun, that can still fit 4. :D Not sure yet, something else might come along.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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