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93 Acura Legend coup parting out

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93 Acura Legend coup parting out(SMALL INTERIOR PART $5.00&UP)

$ave ,$ave , $ave .I have 93 legend coup parts i have r side widow regulator ,chrome window trim ,ac parts ,oem amps , door locks , out side mirrors ,type 2 parts ,ecm 91 and 93 type 2 , key switch , trunk lock, front rocker panels , cv joints , tailm lights , bumper reinforcement, hood latch , window switches , wire harness , a horn button , hornes ,seat parts , black door panels and rear door panels , doors,window glasses , glove boxes , rear widow switches , i got part i dont know the name of ,(SMALL INTERIOR PARTS FROM $5.00 AND UP ),ready to go - pay for the item ,shipping and handling.I take paypal (I have never sold a part someone needed to return) .so let me know,You can call 786 399 9472 ask for linx (please no questioners only people ready to buy ).some of you would like to know what happen to this type 2 -I sent $15000.00 on this car and the day after i painted it some one backed in to me so I got another one dont want to send any more money on this one wife is mad.Thanx jahlinx blessup my paypal [email protected]
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do you still have the calipers?
can u email pics to [email protected]? Thanks, bro....good price!

Still waitin' for pics of calipers: [email protected]

EDIT: Saw them on your ebay...bought...thanks, bro.
Sent paypal for other caliper, Jah. Thanks!
calipers on ebay

jahlinx said:
tes i still have them all 4 $175.00 plus shipping
I am the guy who bought the calipers on ebay. I sent you a private message on 12/4 asking or the brackets, too.
you got paypal $50 for the caliper mounting brackets.
Got caliper brakcets today...thanks, jah....

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