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flawless granada black exterior--I just had it painted due to oxidation on the roof and trunk.
black leather interior showing normal wear
type II engine/6-speed
168,XXX miles
I'm looking for reasonable offers please.
i've decided to set my price at $7000 obo.
i'll be honest in saying that i paid $8300 2 years ago and put a lot of $$ into bringing the car to its current condition. as you may well know, the clutch itself ran me around $1600. add to that new paint, and i hope i'm fair in my asking price.

This car is in excellent condition. The clutch was replaced at around 140,000 miles. All wear items have been replaced.... control arms, ball joints, new struts, fuel injector seals, motor and transmission mounts--reinforced factory parts with polyurethane.... Even the hood struts have been replaced. I also have both front and rear stabilizer bars that I never put on the car (an easy installation). There's nothing this car needs mechanically. It has brand new paint. I haven't driven it more than 20 miles since it was painted. I planned on keeping this car, but my recent financial situation is forcing me to give her up. I have a new Mitsubishi Evo now and wanted to keep the Legend as my second car. But, I now need to minimize my expenses.

the car doesn't have a stereo, and the tires are pretty worn. those are the only two things i can think of that the car may need.

The car is in central PA, but can be shipped most anywhere. I know I had my Evo shipped from Texas to PA for $675 as an example. I have pics I can e-mail and post as soon as I upload them in my computer.

E-mail me at [email protected] or phone at (814) 329-3651. My name is Shirley. Thanks for your interest!

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hey man your car sounds exactly like mine......

i have a 94 ls 6speed coupe....i have the same oxidation on my car........i also have 162K miles on it....

mine is black on tan though.....i also have alot of mods done....

what is your asking price though??? i just want to know my competition.... :D

BUT UNLIKE YOU, i would keep my car if the paint/body were in good shape...
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