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94-95 coupe trunk lid...

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Do any of you all think this is worth changing? I like the look of the third brake light on the lid and "LEGEND" being spelled out...seriously considering this it a direct swap? Any modding? If I wanted to keep the spoiler look would I have to buy a new spoiler or can I stick with my current one? Thanx guys...
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i plan on doing this also sometime. It is a direct swap and yes you can still use the spoiler.
Just thought of this...but won't it look weird with the two LED brake lights? One more 350 a good price for the trunk lid and spoiler for a 94? It's black so how much to get painted? Then there's one the same color as mine without spoiler for the same price...hurry!!!!!
it would be alright with the 2 LEDs just. I would get the one with the spoiler and sell it if you dont like it bc i will buy it :)
It is a direct swap. Many have done it already. My 95 trunk was supposed to be on my car this past week, but the body shop didn't have it ready, so it will be another week or two. I'm had to get some repairs done to the lid, as well as get the two holes left from the A emblem shaved off and then repainted to my color (Black). Also, the 91-93 Coupe spoiler is the same as the 94-95 spoiler, just with the LED light. The shape and contour is the exat same. Also, the connector for the 94-95 trunk lid LED light will fit the connector on the 91-93 brake light harness, although it will need to be extended to reach the LED light on the trunk lid.
the 94-95 lids had a arch on them kinda like a built in spoiler i love it
How much do the 94-95 lids cost?
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