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94 coupe in B.C.

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Hi, i'm a new member to the forum. I am the proud owner of a six speed, black on black type II Legend Coupe. My mom had a black 94 4 door when i was a kid which is how i got hooked on these cars. I've owned it for about 2 years now. The guy i bought it from found it in new york. He flew out there from Vancouver, B.C. and drove it home. He really loved the car and totally babied it until one day someone ran a red light and destroyed the front end. He bought the car back from the insurance company with intensions of rebuilding it but never got it done so it sat for a year before i found out about it. He sold it to me for $600. I replaced the rad support, both headlights, the right fender, and the hood with oem parts from another black coupe. She's been my daily driver for a year and a half now. I repainted the whole car a black metallic color over the stock black, added 18" rims, and a remus exhaust. Over the winter, i will be flaring the rear quarters about an inch, lowering it a little, and adding a nice sound system! I'll post pics soon!
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Welcome to the forum, I like the direction your taking her in! :yes:
welcome to our family and looking forward to hearing more on this build
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