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94' Legend GS

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What do you all think of a 94' Legend GS with 158,000 miles on it for $5500?
It was originally green, but painted a year and a half ago black with blue pearl. She has HID's, very clean, no dents, no scratches, and new carpet. It has the tan leather, and the drivers seat has 1 tear in it. The D4 light flashes, guessing its the VSS, and the drivers side window regulator is messed up. He has always used synthetic oil from since he has had it back in 99. It doesn't seem to burn any oil at all.
Do you all think this is a good deal?
If I do purchase this car, I will always keep my 91 LS and sell my 91 L, and my 90 LS.
Give some opinions please!
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Does the person know about the VSS you could always say that is a little scary to you and try and talk him down

Is it an auto or 6? either way seems like good deal, new paint carpet not dents or rust plus its a gs
Its a auto, I wish it was a 6. I don't think he knows about the VSS. He does know the car pretty good. He said his friend has a GS and He's big into this one, but he has a second baby on the way and needs a SUV. He showed me a picture of the GS when he had 20inch Lorinzo's on it. I was really shocked, he said the offset was 50, so thats how they fit.
NADA average retail says $5650... Sounds like you've got an ok deal with the new paint, carpet and HIDs. You might try and talk him down about with the VSS
It's not too bad. See if you can get any maintenance info or records. He's probably changed the timing belt once, so find out when. Also, find out if he got a quality paint job or a Maaco type special. You don't want your paint fading out in a couple years. Why did he repaint it?
The paint that he put on it is called Dupont, which he said is a high brand paint($2300) He had it repainted cause the clear coat was coming off on the trunk and the hood. He said the timing belt and water pump were changed out at 90,000.
He also said the Differential had to be changed because his mechanic said the old one had a crack in it, and he did that a year ago.
i would say get it
Well, Im about to go and offer him 5,000 for it. I think its a fair price. I appreciate the opinions. I'll let you all know what happens.
Well, He might take it, I just have to let him know if I want to get it or not. Im still thinking, cause I could fix my 91LS up even more with the money. Big decisions!
how many miles does ur ls have

GS>LS Sedan..
My 91LS has 310,200 on it. She's on up there, but I made the decision of getting the GS. The guy called me back and said he would take 5,000 for it. Im meeting him at 2 tomorrow to get it. I'll try to post picks of her soon. I appreciate all the opinions on this, its just my first GS. I got to get rid of the 90LS and the 91L now.
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