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94 Legend starts, idles fine, revs up fine, then dies

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The engine fires right up and idles great, hot or cold. If you get on the gas it revs up fine and will hold any rpm no problem. But as soon as you let off the gas it dies, it won't return to idle no matter how gently you try to let it back down. It will sit there and idle forever after you start it up but once you touch the throttle it won't return to idle. Putting it in gear will also kill it instantly.

It has a fresh set of plugs.
Fresh gas in the tank.
It's not a head gasket and it doesn't overheat.
I cleaned the idle valves and throttle body.
All the connections to the idle valves and etc are clean.

Any ideas?
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check for vac leaks.
I replaced the idle valve and it will return to idle and go into gear fine when it's cold but as soon as it warms up it dies and putting it in gear will kill it. There aren't any vacuum leaks as that I can find (but with a hundred thousand million vacuum lines in there who knows). If anyone has an idea of what to look for next I'm all ears.
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